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This is a home study class. After signing up, you will receive the materials to study at home for a week, and then a time will be scheduled for discussion and clarifying questions. There will be a quiz to make sure you have the basic knowledge to receive your certificate.
If more than a week is needed to read the material or if after the quiz you are not ready yet to be certified, the attunement can be rescheduled for an additional $50 fee.

From studying the manual, you will learn what energy and chakras are and how the energy flows in a body. You will learn the history of the Usui Reiki, Reiki Principles, the position of the hands, and how Reiki works. After you pass the in-person/virtual quiz, you will receive a Level 1 attunement which awakens you to the Reiki energy. Usui Reiki is the original Reiki lineage.


Reiki Level 1 is taught to heal on the physical level.


In addition to the class manual and Level 1 certificate, you will also receive:

- How to Prepare & Perform a Reiki Session
- Step-by-step Grounding Exercise
- How to Protect Your Energy Guideline
- Videos on hands positions for self-healing and healing others


Preparation: It is recommended to sign up two days before the class date. 
Class material and additional information will be sent after registration is received. 
Please see the cancellation and refund policy.


The in-home studio is located in Thousand Oaks, CA. The exact address will be sent via email along with your booking confirmation. Please arrive no earlier than five minutes before your booked class time.

Home Study Reiki Level 1 Class

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