Claudia Borges


Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Theta Healing Practitioner.

Claudia became more aware of her intuitive energy healing gift after a profound and painful life-changing experience in 2016. Today, looking back, she is grateful for what happened, as she found her purpose in life: helping others to heal.

Claudia is a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner and a Theta Healing Practitioner. Her in-person or virtual sessions are spiritually guided which inspires her to sometimes combine other healing techniques or tools for more effective healing. Her highly evolved intuition most of the time allows her to see or hear messages that will assist in the client’s healing process.


She is an international healer with clients also in Austria, Brazil, Chile, and India. She has certified over 75 Reiki students and given more than 600 energy healing sessions, assisting clients with the most diverse types of mental, emotional, and physical challenges. From physical healing of broken shoulders and arthritis pain to mental healing of fears, anxiety, stress, and depression.


Claudia is very active in the local holistic community as the founder and CEO of the Health & Healing Expo and Health and Healing Summit.

For more details about her healing work, feel free to check out her 70+ client and student testimonials here.

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