Energy Cleansing & Manifestation Circle

Release blockages that hold you back from achieving your desires.

Unlimited participants. 1 hour. $25

Do you have a goal for 2021 and it feels like you are already losing focus? Don't worry, you are not alone.


Every New Moon a group of determined people and I meet virtually for a 1-hour energy cleansing and manifestation session. 


The session starts with cleansing and balancing everyone's energy and then focuses on manifesting our intentions through a guided meditation. Between each monthly session, it is expected that you practice the manifestation technique you are learning.


Takes place every New Moon of the month. 


Venmo @Claudia-Borges-2 and Zelle 818-532-8492 are also accepted  (select Offline Payment option at check out)

Small Group Healings - House Call

Bring peace and relaxation to you and your close friends.

Limited to 5 people. 2-2.5 hours. $400

Small Group Healings allow me to do what I do best - Make you feel good again! By feeling good I mean centered, peaceful, and clear-minded. Throughout the session, in a supportive and intimate setting, your group will experience a relaxing individual short-healing treatment. Each individual treatment will take approx 15-30 minutes and will release stress, anxiety, and bring your mind-body-soul into balance.

Group sessions are kept small and intimate so everyone attending can receive a healing treatment and potential messages from your angels, spirit guides, or loved ones on the other side if it will help you heal. Hearing or seeing messages, colors, visions, and the presence of loved ones is common in my healing sessions; however, I can't promise that everyone in the room will get one. It has always been dependent on the person's energy vibration, trust, and if you are ready to receive it. After each healing treatment, I will share intuitive messages, if any, individually and will be available for questions and answers. 

Invite your friends and family for a really feel good and bonding experience at your home. My goal is for each individual in attendance to have a great time and leave with a positive, calm, and balanced mind. 

For evening appointments please contact me.

Virtual Reiki Healing Circle

Feel good & peaceful from the comfort of your home.

Limited to 5 people. 5-10 minutes individual healing. $20 

Reiki Healing Circles are virtual group distant healing sessions where each participant receives 5-10 minutes of energy healing. These monthly sessions are a great opportunity for the ones new to Reiki, to understand how it works, and also to keep your energy balanced.

We start the virtual session with a relaxing grounding meditation and then each one present receives a 5-10 minute healing. The event takes about 2 hours in total however after you receive your energy healing you are welcome to stay until the end or you are free to go. You will leave the session feeling relaxed, peaceful, and recharged.

Takes place every last Wednesday of the month.

Venmo @Claudia-Borges-2 and Zelle 818-532-8492 are also accepted (select Offline Payment option at check out).