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Welcome to our new
School of Energy Healing

The School of Energy Healing came to light from a passion for educating others in the areas of energy healing and spirituality, which are interconnected. As more and more people are looking for a meaningful life, they see themselves becoming curious about spirituality and/or mystical things. The many years of experience in teaching Reiki classes have shown that people come to Reiki as a safe way to start their spiritual paths. They start learning it, experiencing it, changing, growing and thus the interest in complementing the gaps rises, and that is what the CB School of Energy Healing aims to fill.

Each one of the classes and courses offered prepares you to better understand energy healing, spirituality, and how they work together and also helps you discover and develop your healing and spiritual gifts, guiding you to find your higher purpose as a soul. 

There are recurring workshops, classes, and training sessions in the most varied areas of energy healing and spirituality.
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Reiki Certification Classes


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