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Working with Pendulum


Unleash the Power Within: Your Journey with Pendulum Dowsing This immersive digital course, delivered as a comprehensive video and downloadable PDF guide, goes beyond the basic yes/no answers. Working with Pendulum, led by Spiritual Life Coach & Reiki Master Claudia Borges, equips you to unlock the fascinating world of pendulum dowsing, whether you're a seasoned lightworker or a curious beginner. Lifetime access ensures you can revisit the wisdom and refine your skills at your own pace. Master the Art and Applications (delivered in video format): • Expand Your Horizons: Discover how pendulums go beyond basic questions. Find lost objects, identify food sensitivities, and delve into energy scanning. • Find Your Perfect Match: Learn about different types of pendulums, their materials, and shapes to align with your unique energy. Hands-on Techniques: Gain practical skills using your pendulum for energy healing, chakra balancing, and finding answers to life's questions. • Connect with Your Guides: Develop your intuition and tap into the energy of your spiritual guides through the power of the pendulum. • Unlock Deeper Insights: Master the use of pendulum charts for more accurate readings and effective divination. • Maintain Clarity: Learn essential cleansing and maintenance techniques to keep your pendulum in optimal condition, ensuring clarity and accuracy. The learning doesn't stop after the course! Join our monthly Pendulum Practice Sessions (offered in-person or virtually) to refine your skills, connect with fellow pendulum users, and ask questions. Keep exploring the world of pendulums with our supportive community – all included with your purchase of the Working with Pendulum video and PDF guide! Embrace the magic and embark on your journey today! ✨


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