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Working with Pendulum


Discover the fascinating world of pendulum dowsing in this immersive digital course – Working with Pendulum. Unveil the secrets of this ancient divination tool that goes beyond mere yes/no answers. Whether you're a seasoned lightworker or a curious individual seeking to explore the metaphysical, this program is perfect for you. 🔮 What's Included: 📹 On-Demand Video: A comprehensive and engaging course led by Spiritual Life Coach & Reiki Master Claudia Borges. Lifetime access ensures you can revisit the material whenever you desire. 📄 PDF Guide: A downloadable companion guide to assist you in following the course content and reinforcing your learning. 🌈 Course Highlights: 1. Versatility of Pendulum Dowsing: Explore applications beyond yes/no answers - find lost items, identify food allergies, and delve into energy scanning. 2. Choosing Your Pendulum: Navigate the world of pendulums, understanding types, materials, and shapes to align with your energy. 3. Practical Techniques: Gain hands-on knowledge on using a pendulum for energy healing, chakra balancing, and life's questions. 4. Connecting with Spirit Guides: Enhance intuitive abilities by tapping into the energy of your spiritual guides through the pendulum. 5. Pendulum Tables: Master the use of pendulum tables for more accurate readings and effective divination. 6. Cleansing and Maintenance: Acquire essential tips for keeping your pendulum in optimal condition, ensuring clarity and accuracy. This course is your gateway to the mystical world of pendulum dowsing. Whether you're a novice or an experienced energy healing practitioner, Working with Pendulum imparts valuable insights and practical skills. Embrace the magic and start your journey today! 🔮✨


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