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Video Resources

Below are some videos that will add to and aid you through your Energy Healing journey.

To watch the videos:

  • Hold up and point your phone's camera to one of the QR codes. A prompt should pop up for you to click to access the video.

  • You can also click with the mouse or tap your finger (touch-screen devices) on the QR code to access the video.

All videos listed on this page are from my Youtube Channel. If you would like to visit the channel, please click here.

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Reiki Videos

healing others.png

Hand Positions for

Healing Others

self healing.png

Hand Positions for

Self Healing


Scanning Energy

with Pendulum

energy protection.png

Quick Steps to

Protect your Enegy


Grounding Yourself

in 1 Minute

Meditation Videos

meditation changing your beliefs.png


your Beliefs


meditation empowering others.png

Empowering Others


meditation time management.png

Intuition for Time Management


meditation higher self.png

Connecting with your Higher Self


meditation acessing your inner library.png

Accessing your Inner Library Meditation

meditation increasing your connection with higher dimentions.png

Increasing your Connection with the Higher Dimensions Meditation

meditation understanding your life purpose.png

Understanding your Life's Purpose


meditation full moon.png

Full Moon Meditation

meditation creating what you want.png

Creating what

You Want


meditation letting go of judgement.png

Letting go of Judgement


candle gazing technique.png

Candle Gazing Technique

(Step 1)

meditation releasing fear.png

Releasing Fear Meditation

meditation energy cleansing.png

Energy Cleansing Manifestation Meditation

meditation manifestation.png

Manifestation Meditation

third eye activation.png

Third Eye Activation


(Step 2)

meditation calming your emotions.png

Calming your Emotions Meditation

meditation cutting cords.png

Cutting Cords Meditation

meditation shadow work healing.png

Shadow Work Healing


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