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7 Chakras Activation for Abundance


Match the energy frequency of the reality you want!

Virtual. 45 min. $177.

The 7 Chakras Activation for Abundance is a series of 45-minute energy transmission sessions designed to address subconscious fears and patterns that might be in our way to achieving our goals. We will strengthen the frequency of your entire energy system (7 chakras) with the energy you are generating to achieve your desires.  

This program includes seven Live virtual group sessions every Monday.

A specific chakra will be activated every Monday through energy transmissions and other healing tools.


Starting on Monday, 1/22, and ending on Monday, 3/4, at 7 pm PST.


All sessions will be recorded and the audio files will be sent to the participants. 


Can't attend all sessions? No worries. Everyone registered for this program will be included in the energy transmission work of each session. 
For better energy integration, listening to the recordings before joining the next session is recommended.

Sorry, but no refunds. Thanks for understanding.

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