Working with Pendulum

Divination - Dowsing - Spiritual Guidance

Video call. 90 min. $25

Did you know that you can use a pendulum to find a lost pet? Or to identify food allergies? 

Join us for this fun interactive and insightful 1.5-hour workshop. A pendulum can be used for many different purposes including scanning chakras energy and yes/no questions. Anyone can attend this class and if you are a lightworker and haven't experienced yet working with a pendulum don't miss this opportunity.

In this class you will learn:                         
- What is pendulum dowsing used for
- Types of pendulums and how to choose the best one for you 
- Different ways to use a pendulum
- How to get started with using a pendulum
- How to connect with the energy of your guides through the pendulum            
- How to use a pendulum for energy healing and chakra balancing
- How to use pendulum tables
- How to receive answers to questions about many different topics in life  
- How to cleanse and care for your pendulum    


Crystal pendulums are available for sale at $10 each. Contact me if you are interested in buying one prior to the class.